Take Command of your Supply Chain

SCTracker is the easiest cloud-based delivery tracking system today, offering end-to-end tracking over land, air and sea. View and manage your supply chain in real time via Google Maps, designing and updating route plans visually, and measure on time performance data with a click of a mouse. Keep your customers happy with alerts and automated pickup and delivery confirmations, saving time and money.

All Platforms
  • Monitor and manage your fleet all in one place – visually tracking vehicles and stops.

    Track your entire fleet all from Google Maps. With SCT Fleet Manager, visually scan and then drill down to individual vehicles in your fleet and identify new load opportunities as the day progresses.

  • Total supply chain visibility – track your shipments all in one place.

    Track your intermodal and multimodal shipments. SCTracker provides transshipment support as your goods move from one vehicle to the next whether via road or air.

  • Rapidly deploy route plans with the click of a button – updating your supply chain in real time.

    SCTracker’s routing tools enable you to plan and schedule pickup and delivery routes quickly and efficiently, updating your carriers and drivers in your supply chain to new load opportunities and changing road conditions.

  • Reduce support calls with SCTracker’s automated alerts and delivery confirmations.

    Keep customers happy – and lower support calls – with automated alerts. SCT connects your shipments to customers in real time via email – all without picking up the phone.

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  • Coordinate with your distribution center instantly and effortless – all without making a phone call.

    Seamless coordination with your dispatcher is possible – no longer do you have to go (back) to the warehouse to pickup (new) paperwork, drop off completed bills, or frantically coordinate over the phone at stop lights.

  • Navigation is just a click away with Apple and Google’s award-winning maps.

    With turn-by-turn voice directions, live traffic conditions, and the ability to re-route instantly and choose alternate routes to a given destination, never worry about getting lost again. With the SCTracker app, get there faster.

  • Capture details for temperature, weight, and attach pictures.

    Enable liability protection to the carrier in case of damage before shipment and handling with pictures at point of pickup and delivery, as well as details, comments, and dimensions.

  • Pickups and deliveries just got a whole lot easier.

    Eliminate paper, reduce errors, and instantly capture electronic signatures via the mobile device at point of delivery. Reduce clerical costs and give your customers POD receipts instantly.

Mobile first

SCTracker is built on the assumption that the mobile internet is becoming the internet. And with 2.2 billion + mobile devices connected, with estimates for smart device growth outpacing the adoption of rate of personal computers, SCTracker places the mobile smart device as the centerpiece of its strategy.


Airfreight integration

SCTracker now integrates with international real time flight tracking databases to provide you full visibility over your air freight supply chain, in addition to over the road tracking provided by the mobile device.

Open API

SCTracker is built on open web standards in the cloud, and allows shippers, carriers, and end users full integration options with their own systems for seamless IT integration and automation.

Coming Soon


Welcome to revolutionary
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Take command of your supply chain with SCTracker, the easiest cloud-based delivery tracking system. Manage your supply chain via Google Maps, designing and updating route plans visually, and measure on time performance data with a click of a mouse. Demo Video

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